411 Reverse Phone Lookup in Jacksonville, FL

411 Reverse Phone Lookup in Jacksonville, FL

Reverse Phone Lookup in Jacksonville, FL

Florida Number Lookups

Confused or wondering about a number that you called you from or within Florida? Try a phone numer lookup service. They can help you with many things, like finding out who called or texted you and whether or not it was an important call or simply a wrong number. You can also use this type of service to find information about people you know like their address or other contact information.

About Jacksonville FL

Jacksonville is the largest city in Florida and the county seat of Duval County.

Jacksonville's history begins with a man named Jean Ribault, who sailed to Florida in 1562. He claimed the land for France and called it "Ribault's Country." The French lost interest in this territory after a few years, and Spain took control of it.

Today Jacksonville has the highest population of any city in Florida. It is a major hub for logistics, tourism, and the financial sector.

904 Area Code

Jacksonville's area code is 904, which was created in 1965 as a split from area code 305, which is what happens when there are too many numbers to fit entirely within one area code. Area code splits have become quite common with the advent of the mobile phone. 305 was actually one of the original area codes created back in 1947.

Area code 904 serves most of Northeast Florida, including Jacksonville, St. Augustine, and Gainesville.